Little City is now available to read free!

Nadia Marie:

Anyone wanting to read some fab poetry, check Nicholas’ latest anthology. :)

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book cover

My fourth anthology, Little City, is now available to read for free on this site. To get there, follow this link, or start reading below. Physical copies will be available for sale next week!


Growing Up Here (Means You Don’t Wanna Grow Old Here)
Busker from the Boonies
Head Shop ft. Holden Lyric
Walking Each Other Home
Street Lit Majors
No One Knows the Neighbours’ Names
White Police

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#ICAD2015 Week 1 Recap


Above are my first 7 cards for the ICAD 2015 challenge. A lot has happened this week so I hadn’t had the chance to post more this past week. 

Each individual card has an explanation on my personal Instagram and I’m hoping to blog a bit more this week. Prompts for week 2 (which starts tomorrow) are already up on Tammy’s blog and Instagram. Click on the button on the sidebar and have a look at her blog. 

This is such a fun project! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s prompt! 

Hope everyone had a great Sunday!


Nadia xo

Life and #ICAD2015…

icad card 1 blog post

Life, as depicted in my artwork above, has been a bit of a whirlwind lately for me. Visa application prep, missing and being far away from my hubby, just everything has been a jumble of mixed emotions and has felt like I’ve been on a roller coaster these last few months. Still, life is indeed beautiful and full of hope. I’m very excited as I have decided to take part in this year’s ICAD 2015 art challenge again. I took part but didn’t stay the course back in 2012 when ICAD was just on its second year running. You can see a few of the cards I made featured in my old blog, Mes Petites Creations. It’s cool to see how my artwork has changed in the course of three years.

ICAD was started by artist Tammy of the Daisy Yellow blog back in 2011 and stands for Index Card A Day. On her website you can find a full explanation about ICAD2015 as well as prompts for the week, daily prompts, tips and more. If you’ve never done any art journalling but have always wanted to try it, Daisy Yellow is a great blog for the beginner to learn from. I found Tammy’s blog back in 2012 when I was starting to dabble in art journalling and love it!

The image above is my 1st card of the 61 day challenge and incorporated elements from Tammy’s prompts. I used some brush pens I have for the lettering, magazine cut outs and pen drawings to embellish.

The best part of ICAD??? Being able to express oneself in absolutely any artistic medium without restrictions! Doing things like what I did in the above image, using all the different materials you have available. It’s a great way to practise new techniques, get out of our comfort zones and just create to our heart’s content. It’s also inspiring!

I made the card below in just 5 minutes using some new paint markers, inspired having done the first icad card today and my new found love of practising lettering. I have a long way to go yet but at least I’m getting out of my comfort zone and creating without restraints! It’s a wonderful feeling!

So, won’t you join us in this creative venture? If you want to learn more about ICAD just click any of the links above or the image link on the sidebar which will take you right to Tammy’s ICAD Index for all the news on how to start. Even if you don’t start today or do the whole challenge, just doing any amount of it will be rewarding in and of itself. Give it a try!

I’ll be doing more blog posts about ICAD weekly, sharing my cards on here at the end of each week. You can also see my cards on my personal instagram account, @mrsnadiabugler. Tootles!


Nadia xo


Faber Castell Artist Pitt Pen, brush tip in Black (central word ‘life’), fineliner (chevron in upper left)
Art Performance Dual Brush Pens in Fleshy Pink, Sky Blue & Grey (‘life’ lettering background and chevron on lower right)
— Magazine cut outs
— 3×5 plain white index card

–White linen note card from a set purchased at Tuesday Morning
PAINTERS paint markers in Hot Pink and Neon Blue


Cake and Cards: My Mom’s Birthday yesterday. 

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday and I believe she had a very nice time of it. Relaxing day and very congratulated. I’m glad I was here for it as for her past two birthdays, as with Mother’s Day, I’d been away on travels in Europe. I baked a lovely Lemon Chiffon Cake yesterday using a recipe I found on Cake Journal and decorated it with strawberries all around. 


Everyone loved it! Even our friends from Thailand who dropped by in the evening enjoyed it and they’re not much for sweets usually. My mother got several beautiful cards for both Mother’s Day & her birthday plus my hubby and I got her some flowers which were delivered yesterday while I was baking the cake. 

My beautiful mom above with the roses we got her. What sorts of things do you do for your mom on her birthday? 

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#Planning & #Creating


I wanted to post this yesterday but didn’t really get the chance to so I’m doing a quick post today to introduce my revamped planner. I got this Franklin Covey style compact planner as a gift many years ago and with all the new resurgence of planning decided to use it and make new inserts. I like to be frugal and have LOADS of scrapbooking paper to use up! 

Here’s what I’ve done so far…


 I’ve made tabs so far and found some free printables which I’ll share in a later post. Here are some detail shots…




 Are any of you following on the planning band wagon?
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#Mother’s #Day at Home


As Alan and I continue my visa application process I’m happy to be able to say that I finally have gotten to spend Mother’s Day with my mom today after two years of not having been home for the occasion. Two years ago on Mother’s Day I was in the Netherlands and on my way back to the UK for a bit and last year I was with my hubby in the UK. So, today I made a recipe from the Smitten Kitchen blog which I’d seen posted on their Facebook page yesterday. I altered the cooking method slightly as it is way too hot to turn the oven on today in Florida so I cooked it on the stove top (hob for my UK readers). The recipe I used was Deb’s Spinach and Cheese Strata. I didn’t make it ahead but rather made it on a heavy & deep pan which worked really well and cooked through only partly covered so that it cooked evenly as it wasn’t going in the oven. *Word of caution: cook on a low heat setting and watch it like a hawk as mine got slightly burnt on the bottom because of the bread and cheese. Still, it turned out very tasty and I think I may make another one again soon! I made this for a Mother’s Day brunch to share with my folks.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Spinach and Cheese Strata

After we had our lovely brunch, my mom opened her card I’d made her and gifts I got her. She really enjoyed the card with our picture on the front from when I was around or nearly a year old. What did you all do for your mothers? Perhaps later today we will watch a film or something but so far it is just a chilled day.

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

Card and gifts for my mom

I hope all the mother’s celebrating today will have a beautiful day and will be very spoilt indeed! Happy Mother’s Day 2015!


PHOTOS BY: Nadia M. Perez Bugler
TAKEN WITH: iPhone 5s, VSCO Cam App
TITLE GRAPHIC: Mother With Sleeping Child from a 1920 Children’s Song Book via The Graphics Fairy


#Friendship & #Baking…


One of the nicest things one can do for a friend is welcome them into your home with some freshly baked goodies. 

Today my friend Kiki will be arriving at SRQ to visit with me for the week and I decided to make her some Ginger a Snaps following Livin’ It Bekah Styles recipe which she posted in her blog recently. 

The smell of the cookies is intoxicating and hearkens recollections of drinking tea with friends with some lovely snacks to accompany it.


I halved Bekah’s recipe for today because I only had enough of certain ingredients to make about half the amount. These cookies literally melt in your mouth when freshly out of the oven and are exquisite in form.

I really hope Kiki, who is also a blogger, will enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed making them. If you’re a baker you should give these and Bekah’s other many lovely recipes she shares on her blog. Click on the link in the second paragraph and it will take you to the recipe for these gorgeous cookies.



Nadia xo