Autumn Colour Spotting in Bridport


It’s a cloudy Sunday afternoon, I’ve got a tray of ginger snaps in the oven and one ready waiting to go in as soon as the other has finished baking. The house is quite except for the low rumble of the oven, the ticking of the timer and the sound of my computer keys as I type this very instant. Alan is quietly working in the lounge on some artwork and I relish the glimpses of autumn colours I can see growing daily through the windows of our dear little home.

The weekend has been fairly mellow, rooted in tasks around the home and getting ahead with things for the Etsy shop. We took a break yesterday afternoon to have a walk around town and enjoy the already vibrant emerging colours and I took a few snaps. It was a gorgeous sunny day so we had plenty of opportunities to enjoy being outdoors. The first few photos are just snaps of areas near to our home as we headed into town with the last being almost to the town centre.


From town we walked over to Mountfield where the council offices are as behind that is the Millenium Green where we proceeded to walk about up to the fields directly behind the former house turned offices. Below are some views first from around the outside of Mountfield and the field behind.


Though there is still a lot of green about, daily more colours emerge as autumn settles in. Walking through the hollow into the Millenium Green the leaves of autumns past still cover the path as you slowly see signs of more colourful leaves to come and signs of late summer in the blackberries that still appear on the brambles. Chestnuts begin to cover the path as well and cheeky little squirrels can be seen darting from branch to branch.


These are the makings of another beautiful autumn and I hope to share more of that with you in the future. I am trying to blog more frequently and be a bit more consistent with this blog. Use it for what I always intended it for, to share the beauty and wonder of this life we lead, simple as it may be and share some of what I love with the world at large. Our walk concluded with a stop to look at the colours emerging at St. Swithun’s Churchyard. Here are a few snaps from there.


Well my lovely readers, my ginger snaps are getting on and I need to find some tins to fill with the ones that have already come out of the oven and cooled sufficiently on the rack. Thank you for joining me on this virtual walk and I hope you will find time to peruse more posts if this is your first time here.


Nadia xoxo

For those of you who aren’t as autumn mad as I am here is a lovely list of ways to get happy about autumn from The Old Fashioned Mama.

I’d love to try this autumn flowers heart wreath from A handmade cottage this year.

Sometimes I love looking back at the beautiful photographic posts of Kitty and Nathan from Searching for Tomorrow. This post, The deer ones, is from September 2016 and is delightful.


Hello again! It’s been a while…


Well, after a rather long hiatus from blogging, partially because I wasn’t feeling much like writing and partly because I had forgotten my login details, I am back with you all again. Hello from Bridport! It was a lovely start to April today, lots of sunshine despite some looming clouds so Alan and I headed off on a walk to West Bay to have a nice beach day.


Despite some brooding storm clouds towards town, the Bay stayed dry while we were there and the walk home was lovely. Alan even found a human size hamster wheel in one of the fields. *wink*

Hopefully we will be back blogging more regularly here though we can’t promise to do so daily. I for one have a lot more to share with you all but for now I bid you a good weekend and a good night!


Photos of West Bay by Nadia M. Perez Bugler ©2017 All Rights Reserved.

Portland Bill Getaway in Photos Part I: Friday Evening Stroll by the Lighthouse

Strong winds greeted us last Friday upon our arrival to the Bill! We took a taxi from Weymouth to the B&B cottage we were to stay at and after checking in, having a coffee, and unpacking a few things we set out to walk around Portland Bill toward the lighthouse before heading to the Pulpit Inn for dinner. Here are a few snaps I managed to take before my phone died.


We went up into the lighthouse on the Sunday but I’ll have a more detailed post about that soon! In the meantime enjoy our blustery photos of Portland Bill on the last Friday of January! 

How many of you have visited the Isle of Portland? What was your favourite part? 


Nadia xo

My First #British #Christmas 

I took a couple of days off blogging to fully enjoy the holidays and experience my first British Christmas and I must say that while I love American Christmas celebrations, thr British do Christmas just as well if not slightly more family oriented. 

On Christmas Eve, Alan and I did some last minute shopping and also pre-cooked the ham we’d bought from our local butcher’s Balson’s. It was the first time either of us had cooked a ham from its raw state and I was super excited at the prospect of this. It’s much easier than I though! 


british christmas

Our ham was too big to fit in one pot do we boiled it in two chunks.

We also had a nice nighttime game of Scrabble before heading to bed to wait for Christmas morn.

Christmas morning I received a few goodies from Alan in my Christmas sock…

Alan and I spent Christmas Day with his folks here at their home where we are living temporarily and just had a fabulous day of it. We cooked a lovely breakfast together of Brioche French Toast topped with a dusting of icing sugar and mixed berries and a drizzle of maple syrup. So delicious! 

We opened a couple of gifts before cooking dinner. Our tree looked so lovely the night before…


British Christmas

gifts under the tree on Christmas Eve

british christmas

Christmas Eve shot of the tree.

British Christmas

Christmas tree selfie

british christmas

Posing with one of the gifts I opened…

Our dinner was scrumptious though slightly less traditional. Since we’d had a turkey back in November at our Thanksgiving celebration we’d opted for having a ham which worked out well with the rest of our food. 


british christmas

Cooking pigs in a blanket and carrot & swede mash.

british christmas

Our table spread with everything including Christmas crackers.

british christmas

Our delicious Christmas meal of Cola & Mustard glazed ham, roast potato & parsnips, carrot & swede mash, braised red cabbage & apples relish, pigs in blankets, brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce , and bread sauce.

I’m already looking forward to the next Christmas! The bad cracker jokes, watching Christmas specials on the telly, playing scrabble with my hubby, it was all lovely! 

Here are a few silly Christmas hat pics because they have to be done! 





What was your Chrismas like? Do you have any interesting out of the norm traditions? 

Boxing Day was spent at my brother in laws opening more gifts, eating good food and watching movies and shows. 

We returned home yesterday and went for a walk around town a bit. Today we will be going out to watch the new Star Wars movie so expect to hear my reaction tomorrow! 

Cheers and Happy Holidays! 

Nadia xoxo

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. © 2015 Walks in Beauty 


Christmas in Lyme Regis: Lights and Window Displays

christmas in lyme regis


Ever since I was a child I always loved looking at the lights and window displays in shops and around the towns/cities I lived in. Coming from America a Christmas display was always a big deal and I still remember the magical feeling of seeing New York City all ‘done up’ for Christmas and all the local shops in the towns I’d lived in decorated plus the light displays at the houses along the streets. I’ve been enjoying seeing the lights in Bridport, my new home, and thought it would be interesting to see what one of my favourite coastal towns, Lyme Regis, had done for flair during the festive season. So off Alan and I went today to see as well as become battered by the strong winds when we stopped at the Cobb…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

One of my favourite cottages near the Cobb had its windows all done up.

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Aren’t they magnificent?

Lyme Regis at Christmas

An oddly large fairy at the Harbour Inn window…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Just as the dark was about to set in…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Looking up the High Street.

Lyme Regis at Christmas

In total darkness, lights all a flicker…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Such a lovely winter wonderland in his display…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

White animals with a blue lit tree…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Lyme’s lovely tree…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

A bit dark but you can just see my hubby with the tree…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

And then he had to take one of me…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

One together for posterity…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Best fudge in town! Loved their red and blue lights!

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Christmas trees forming an arch way…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

The best kind of light, natural light from the moon lighting up the sea…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Looking back up through the small path toward the High Street…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Just a night-time scene…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Hubby enjoying the view…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

I think this was my favourite display by far on the High Street…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

The other half of that display…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

And being on the Jurassic Coast, who could forget some dinos?

Lyme Regis at Christmas

A Christmassy T-Rex…


#Christmas in #Bridport: A Glimpse into December’s Late Night Shopping Tradition


Christmas in Bridport Dorset

A couple of weeks ago on 9th December, Alan and I went to Bridport’s Late Night Shopping where the majority of the town’s shops stay open later than usual and there are stalls down along South Street as well as fun fair rides for the children and an appearance from Father Christmas. We headed out into the evening a little after it had begun but were able to see and experience the full effect of everyone out having a good time. We even saw a few friends out enjoying the evening, had a coffee from Soulshine Cafe and bought a few things from some of the local shops for the festivities.

I love seeing the town brimming with people and as it is my first Christmas here in Bridport I was happy to snap a few pics to show everyone how many lovely folks were out and about that day.

Christmas in Bridport

Walking down West Street heading toward the activity.

Christmas in Bridport

Frost’s “XMAS” light display above the shop front windows.

Christmas in Bridport

The tree in Bucky Doo among the hub bub of people and stalls…

Christmas in Bridport

Looking down South Street at the people and stalls…

Christmas in Bridport

The Hot Chestnuts stall and two townies…

Christmas in Bridport

People and the fun fair rides in the distance…

What sorts of Christmas traditions do your towns hold? Does Father Christmas usually make an appearance, does the Salvation Army Band come around? I’d love to know what other places do to get into the holiday spirit!

Merry Christmas!

Nadia xoxo



#Christmas in #Bridport: Lights and Window Displays Around Town

christmas in bridport banner

Trying to settle into a routine and get organised after the whirlwind that was my recent permanent move to the UK was a lot more involved than I initially thought it would be but here I am, AT LAST, getting another blog post in. I am hoping to do a bit more consistent blogging in 2016. There are a few changes afloat for Alan and myself and I have to say I am looking forward to them and to sharing some of what we are doing with you all. This is my first British Christmas and I have been having a blast seeing our town come alive in festive wonder. This past Sunday evening we went out and about for a short walk and I had a fun time looking at the different windows and displays around town so I thought I would share a few of my favourites from the evening.

Polar Bear light in Frost's Window Bridport Dorset

Polar Bear Light in Frost’s Window

T. Snook Bridport

Menswear and Hats display for Christmas at T. Snook Hatters in Bridport

T. Snook Hatter Bridport

The ladie’s hat display at Snook’s

South Street Bridport

Christmas for your pets, Pet supply display on South Street

Bridport Arts Centre and Bucky Doo Square

A Christmas greeting from the Town with the tree in Bucky Doo Square just outside the Bridport Arts Centre.

The Book Shop on South Street Bridport

The Book Shop’s Display on South Street has some beautiful winter books on display with their subtle lights.

south street bridport

Trees and lights on South Street shop fronts

south street bridport

The nature shop’s pretty display.

south street bridport

I love the trees that adorn many of the buildings on South Street and the lights in people’s flat windows are lovely too!

south street bridport

Merry Christmas on South Street.

reads bridport south street

Read’s has some fabulous displays…

Read's bridport south street

The other half of Read’s display might be my favourite!

Bridport south street town hall

A look down South Street at the red face of the clock on the Town Hall.

south street bridport

Looking the other direction down South Street.

brdiport south street

Bridport Music’s display.

south street bridport

Lovely snowmen!

south street bridport

Toy Master from across the street.

south street bridport

I just loved the subdued lights on this tree just barely lighting up the sign…

south street bridport

Merry Christmas from Toy Master!

I’m curious to see all your towns and cities at Christmas! Are there any interesting traditions your towns have during the festivities? Next time I will share with you some photos from the late night shopping night in Bridport a couple of weeks ago.

Merry Christmas!

Nadia xoxo