Back to School Throwback

My lovely friend Kiki over at Kiki Nakita is hosting weekly link-up parties and this week’s is a Throwback Thursday one in a Back to School theme! I know it’s not Thursday today but here’s a pic from my high school years just the same! Time has really flown by! What was high school like for you?

high school days

Join the fun and post your Back To School Throwbacks too!

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Documenting Life: My New #Planner for 2016

kate spade 2016 planner

I think it was only a matter of time until I jumped on the planner band-wagon! If you remember, a few posts ago I was working on re-vamping an old mini planner which I am still working on. Hoping to use it for blog/business planning but for 2016 I wanted something new, something pretty and girly and when I saw the Kate Spade New York planner depicted above I knew I’d found the one. Mine is a medium sized agenda with lovely gold dots adorning the outside cover, spanning 17 months starting from the very end of July 2015 to December 2016. There is a large version of this same agenda but I really liked the size of this one. I am not your typical planner, nor am I the best at keeping diaries filled so I thought the large one would be too much for me. This is more compact and I can do enough with it and its classic design is perfect for my more logical and concise brain in that regard. Even so, I am a creative being and I did have to customise this lovely agenda by adding some embellishments and think that each Sunday I will thoughtfully plan out the week and embellish it with what I have.

This month is a month of new things for me. I have some goals in mind, such as: blogging daily (or at least Monday-Friday), drawing or doodling daily to build up inventory for my business currently on hiatus, shop less and use more of what I already have, read more and make time for me more. Being that it is my birthday month (in just 10 days I’ll be 34–still feel like 24 though) I thought I’d focus a bit more on my self care. I had a rough few months and really need to lift my spirits and remind myself that I am human, I make mistakes but I can rise above them and lead a good life. Working on this agenda helps to pretty up my daily life so I am excited about this project. I took some photos of what I have done so far for you all to see.

kate spade agenda 2016 and tools

Some of the items I used to customise the planner inside.

inside kate spade agenda embellished

I added washi tape in gold polka dots, stripes and plain gold to the first folder slip.

kate spade agenda inside closeup

I also placed wonky letters on the folder to store “bits”, i.e. stickers and such on that side.

kate spade agenda inside other folder

On the reverse side I also embellished with some washi tapes, masking tapes and even Kate Spade paper tapes as well as printing some Kate Spade quotes onto Avery Full Sheet Self-Adhesive Label Paper and cutting them out.

kate spade planner august spread

For the cover pages preceding the August calendar pages I did a small image collage of myself and things I love as well as quotes and stickers.

kate spade planner august full calendar

The main calendar page with some birthdays and and other events hi-lighted.

I have found a wealth of free printables for planner use and am dying to print some of those out as well as continue embellishing each week. What are your planner loves? I’d love to know if there are any links I must absolutely check out. What do you think of my pages so far?


Nadia xoxo


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She’s So Fancy: A Look at The Fancy Lady Gourmet’s newest #stationery venture

fancyladygourmet fancy paperie

Many of you know that I am a snail mailer and make my own stationery but what you might not know is that I have a few other friends who do the same and while my shop is on a temporary hiatus I thought I would hi-light some of the things my other snail mailing friends have to offer. A year ago when I created Walks in Beauty’s Instagram and Etsy shop I had the opportunity to befriend the lovely Amanda Sinisi who not only purchased some papers from me but also became a regular fan of my work. It is not surprising that with her background in fashion design and super cute and kitsch baked goods she would eventually venture into making stationery, that most coveted stuff that we snail mailers crave. Amanda’s designs are cute and quirky, girly with a hint of darkness and just beautiful.

Let me just show you a few of my favourites from her Storenvy shop:

fancy paperie woodland fox stationery set

Woodland Fox Stationery Set

fancy paperie fancy floral postcard set

Fancy Floral Postcard Set

fancy paperie pastel floral stationery set

Pastel Floral Stationery Set

Each stationery set comes with 12 sheets, 6 envelopes and 6 matching seals and are professionally printed on high quality paper. The designs are beautifully hand-drawn and then digitized and are quite unique to the artist. Amanda is also putting her designs on other things besides paper products these days as evidenced in her blog, Cupcakes and Corsets. Also available in the Storenvy shop are sticker sets, gift wrap and tags which are all very pretty and cute! These would make great unique Christmas gifts for the snail mailer in your life!


Follow Amanda on Instagram: @ladyfancy13

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