In with the #NEW: Chronicling this past #week of #adventure


This past week has been busy, busy, busy indeed for Alan and myself on either side of the pond. For him it has meant working over time and getting some floor work done in the kitchen of our future first home together, for me it has been setting up our new online shop and getting stationery orders out as we continue our creative endeavors to become fully self-employed over time. It is not easy but it is coming together ‘one pen stroke’ and ‘piece of weathered linoleum’ at a time. I know it sounds strange but thus it has been. It is why you’ve hardly heard from either of us and, when you have, it has been mostly me.


{1. creamed eggs on toast 2. cutting letter papers by hand 3. decorating an outgoing envelope with stationery order inside}

Today, this Saturday 29th of March 2014, has been a rather gloomy day in Southwest Florida–rain, clouds and not a lot of natural light. I slept in (my body and mind needed it), got up and talked to my hubby via video chat (our best friend in times of being apart) and then made some creamed eggs on toast (Alan has never had any so it is one for me to make for him when we are together again) and ate them in the darkened dining room while solemnly contemplating what next month might bring. As I mentioned above, I’ve been busy creating the grand opening of our Walks in Beauty shop on It has been a long time coming and a major labour of love. I’d already been posting on our facebook page photos of our stationery collections/designs and had sold one set to a lovely friend and fellow snailmailer in Pennsylvania who has consequently become our biggest fan and through whom we got our second official order all the way from Canada! Yay!

I have a lot more to add to the shop this weekend but wanted to invite you all to peruse what we do have in there anyway by either clicking on the link in this post or the shop tab up above (newly added this week as well). It’s always nice to have visitors come over to our Facebook page as well and you can catch me on Twitter networking all the time. I’ve also spent some time catching up on snail mail in between sending out orders, creating new potential hand made products (including hand-drawn and painted sticker sheets as well as illustrated one of a kind card sets) and digitally designed and manipulated paper products using some fab new apps I encountered to alter my photography, updating apps and software I use and in general being productive. I took a break from all magazine related work this week but starting Monday will get back into the swing of things.

{1. Packaged stationery designs, sampler pack 2. Hand-drawn/painted Peace and Tranquility Stickers 3. Hand painted card design in British Telephone Box 4. More stationery ready to go out for an order}

{1. Packaged stationery designs, sampler pack 2. Hand-drawn/painted Peace and Tranquility Stickers 3. Hand painted card design in British Telephone Box 4. More stationery ready to go out for an order}

{1. Screenshot of bigcartel shop from my iPhone 2. Packing up a set of 8 mini flat note cards for a friend 3. Working with watercolour filters for my photography-new projects 4. Decorating snailmail envelopes}

{1. Screenshot of bigcartel shop from my iPhone 2. Packing up a set of 8 mini flat note cards for a friend 3. Working with watercolour filters for my photography-new projects 4. Decorating snailmail envelopes}

So as you can see from the photos above, there are a lot of new and exciting things going on plus I am also working on getting organised with the blog and getting more regular posts up. I sent a little bit of paper cheer to a fellow blogger and favourite, Ouissi Gretsy from The Old Fashioned Mama. If you’ve not yet read her blog you really ought to! It’s fun, quirky and best of all very honest. All in all, it has been a very productive week and I am hoping next week will be just that! Until we meet again my friends!

Happy reading and happy blogging!


xx Nadia



#Reading, #Life and #Dorset dreaming…


You’re probably wondering what ‘Dorset Dreaming’ has to do with reading and life…bear with me, I’ll get to that soon. I’ve come to the realisation lately that I no longer read enough. A lot of my time is spent on social media, clicking away and while I ‘read’ whatever is there in front of me it has been ages since I cracked open a book and just sat silently reading for at least an hour. I think that we are all kind of guilty in this day and age of not reading enough. I remember those days when I could just lie in bed reading for hours, getting lost in the story and not caring that I was up until 3AM reading rather than being up until 2 or 3 playing games on Facebook! Ugh! I need to get back into it, especially since I recently acquired several new books (one brand new, three used) that definitely merit my opening them up to get lost in.

It is definitely a new life goal of mine to start reading more again and spending less time on social media, or rather less time doing nothing but clicking or getting lost in meaningless posting. I’m going to try to limit the time I spend online to work related (i.e. blogging, research for the magazines, digital art work, networking, etc.) goings on and only one hour of personal use. The rest of the time I want to focus on being a good wife, learning more about my future home in Dorset and just plain living life. I feel as though I have almost forgotten to live lately.

So, I can get two of those things done right from here in Florida at present by starting one of the many books I bought last month which combine reading and Dorset. I bought a couple of books by famed Dorset author, Thomas Hardy which I am eager to read. I’m told they’re not the happiest of books but I’m not interested in feeling elated so much as reading a great story by a great writer. Life isn’t always made of ‘happy’ moments, life can be rough and sometimes bleak but the happy moments help us through the rough patches. I’m more interested in getting into the nitty gritty of literature rather than just having that ‘feel good’ temporary euphoria going on. I’m not trying to live in illusions. So, the books are  Jude the Obscure and The Mayor of Casterbridge. I also bought Daniel Defoe’s Moll Flanders which I am rather looking forward to reading as well! What do you all think? Have any of you read these before? I’m curious to know who among my readers are avid literary fiends and love a good story. Well, that being said, come on y’all! Let’s read!



Keep reading, keep smiling!


Nadia Marie

Title photo taken on location in A.Parker’s Books, Sarasota, FL.
Books in second photo were purchased at A. Parker’s Books.


In my mouth, on my mind…


I do feel like a ‘cool kid’ right now. I’m the cool kid on the block. The co-editor of a magazine, a photographer with a small bit of street credit (locally, that is), the self-taught graphic designer/ illustrator/artist extraordinaire, the cook/baker who loves to add her own bit of flair to things. Yes…I AM a cool kid but, what fun is it being a cool kid without other cool kids to hang out with or get to know and share ideas with? My husband is a cool kid too. He’s a skilled and very talented artist (though he himself refuses to acknowledge this), he’s got skills in photography and he’s pretty darn good in the kitchen too!

We have big dreams, dreams of having our own small business (which we’ve taken some baby steps toward as I took the plunge and sold my first ever letter sets via our Facebook page and am creating more lovelies as the days progress). We dream of collaborating with others and sharing the love via social media. We dream of being able to make a home together even though right now we are separated by a big body of water otherwise known as the Atlantic Ocean (yes, he’s still there and I am still here) and we dream that this will come to pass sooner rather than later. Even so, big changes are coming to this blog. In the next few days I will be revamping our ‘About’ section (as I am no longer the only contributor to this blog, it only seems fair that it ought to reflect that), planning some more ‘regular’ feature posts, doing some more research and making it more about Dorset and less about ‘just’ us. Taking a look at which posts have ‘worked’ and which have just kind of fallen by the wayside I’ll be adding a few weekly features having to do with food (recipes & such), tutorials of some sort, and local events/locals and more.

A huge thank you to all of our faithful readers, you’re the best and the reason we do this. Looking forward to continuing this journey with you!

Much love,

Nadia M. Perez Bugler
a.k.a ‘The Cool Kid’