#Bridport Before Sunrise…

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On very rare occasions I get the urge to be up at the same time as my husband gets up today happened to be one of those occasions. I walked as far as Barrack Street with Alan and his co-worker Abi before turning around back into the centre of town to see what interesting shots I could get of life before the busy hours. Right before leaving our own area I snapped these two shots:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


And then just beyond the town hall (pictured in the title collage)…

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A beautiful walk down South Street, capturing windows and alleys, even being spooked by rubbish bags covered in sheets (I freaked out with one set that looked like a hobo covered up for the night sleeping into the wee hours). I ended up just outside of Ruby in the Dust all before the sun officially rose at 6:20am. What is your favourite time to go for walks in your area?


A Look Inside: The Alleyways, The Woodman Inn, & The Electric Palace in #Bridport

Yesterday we also went to The Alleyways, the Woodman Inn for a late lunch and the tearoom at the Electric Palace. If people think there’s nothing to do in Bridport they are sorely mistaken!
Here are a few of my favourites from the Alleyways:



As a writer I’m in love with the nostalgia of typewriters! The vintage bottles and car front were just too good to pass up!

Inside the Woodman Inn, one of the many pubs available to visit in Bridport and one which I had not yet been inside…




A cheeky look while we wait for our food and the rain to pass…

My hubby starting to feel better after a night and morning of migraine pain…

The Electric Palace was my other favourite spot of the afternoon…







I hope to explore this place further someday soon! What places make your area interesting?

A Look Inside #Bridport’s Old Albion

I went out to coffee this morning to meet up for a chat with my friend Dawn Potter and her cute son Jago and she mentioned in conversation this great shop, Old Albion, a mish-mash of old and eclectic housewares situated in Bridport’s St. Michael’s Trading Estate and I felt I just had to share it with you all!
It truly is a feast for the eyes! Sharon Bradley is the owner and there are loads more photos on her website but these are the ones I snapped today! Enjoy!












Which of these lovely things would you purchase?

What Our Rainy Bank Holiday Looked Like

Yesterday was a bank holiday Monday and a very rainy one at that! So, we stayed indoors, did laundry, took part in the ALS ice bucket challenge, baked and more…here’s our day in photographs. Enjoy!


Eggs and soldiers for breakfast, a first time British traditional treat for me!

Ice buckets ready for Alan and I to do the challenge! Boy, ice melts quickly when there’s lots of water in the bucket!


Baking cookies from a recipe I found on One Crafty Mumma’s blog.

Lunch was simple but delicious, mushrooms on toast! Yum!



Baked two different varieties of shortbread (cocoa and M&Ms ones, almond and craisin as well).

Lastly, Alan baked a scrumptious lasagne and we ended the day watching a few episodes of The Tudors. Sometimes life really is that simple.

Hum-Drum: The Everyday Life

I love the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning…it reminds me of my parents’ house. My mom waking early to have her first cup in silence before everyone else awoke when we were younger and then in later years, my room being close to the kitchen, the scent waking me up to join my mom for a nice warm cup. I miss that and yet, it is good to also have my own coffee maker brewing up the familiar scent.
It has been over a week since I last posted and although I felt a bit guilty about that I also realised that life was happening and I cannot worry about a blog post when I’m living life. I admire the lifestyle bloggers that make it their priority to blog everyday about loads of topics and I read many of those blogs for inspiration but right now my dedication is to leading a simpler life with my husband and keeping this as a journal of daily life with a few tips and suggestions along the way.
So, yesterday I was quite busy organising the craft cupboard in the bedroom. Alan and I live in a one bedroom bungalow which we love and are still getting ‘just right’. Slowly but surely. I won’t lie to you, I did have fun going through the boxes and plastic bins to re-organise things. It is by no means complete but is looking better. I found some things I’d forgotten about too! Deep in one of the plastic bins of things I’d left with Alan last year I found these:

Tea bags and sugars from my trip to Cardiff with Jo in March 2013! I miss that place and wish I could have gone this time but who knows, there may yet be some time to go.
I also moved and rearranged some of the shelves on my side of the bedroom cupboard for better storage.

I’ve used the top shelf to house bags, gift bags and some gift wrap supplies by reusing shop bags I’ve kept, decided to use the bar above the second shelf to store my scarves and the actual shelf for beauty supplies, aroma therapy bits and other sundries. I plan on getting coloured boxes for those so I can better contain them. The third shelf has some handbags on it until I can find a more suitable space for them in the front closet, the fourth shelf is at present empty and the last is holding some shoes.
I also rearranged my window sill decor and display adding bits I’d found.

Adding books my husband bought me last year seemed appropriate (they’re held in place by a glass jar I aim to fill with earthy toned stones and glass beads), the flowers were part of my birthday gifts and I added the Welsh dolly from my mother in law and little Dutch clogs I got at the Madurodam in The Hague last year to my small kitsch collection.
I also found in my tidying my book of Celtic Inspirations I’d purchased at The Works in Sutton Coldfield last year, a small pack of Cath Kidston tissues and inside the book a postcard from Jo’s trip to Jersey.

It’s the little things, really!
The big challenge was this cupboard though:

While I’m not quite finished with it, it is quite a bit more tidy than previously and I now know what else I must do to get it looking the way I want!
Such is life, right?
What tidying or organisational tips do you swear by?

Nadia xoxo

Have children? Love Ireland? Then check out Irish beauty and parenting blogger, Fiona Naughton’s blog: Dolly Dowsie. You won’t be disappointed!

Like the hand-made card featured in the window sill photos? Check out Made for You by Jo on Facebook for more of her handiwork.

All photographs and graphics taken/made by: Nadia M. Perez Bugler using an iPhone 5s and the VSCO & Moldiv apps available on iTunes.
©2014 Walks in Beauty

#Lifestyle Watch: #Bedside Table

I think one’s bedside table says a lot about who we are and what we are most drawn to. Mine certainly seems to denote that I have a flair for vintage things and retro furnishings as well as being very girly and scent oriented.
Scented candles, aromatherapy oils, perfume, lotion and deodorant all feature on my table top.



Protective gem stones and girly lavender plus a card from my husband all make me feel loved and beautiful inside and out.
What’s on your bedside table?

Sharing Bounties: Cooking with Homegrown Veggies

Yesterday was my birthday so I didn’t have much time to write a post but that’s ok. Sometimes we need a break from being at a computer or mobile device. I had a great day out with my husband and ended it with drinks with a couple of friends and a Skype conversation with my folks before calling it a night.

Today it was back to normal, Alan back at work and I at home doing laundry and designing stationery and the like. Tonight we are making a ratatouille like vegetable sauce to eat with pasta using veggies from Alan’s Uncle Keith’s garden and a bit of our own as well.



The courgettes are from his uncle’s garden and we used a couple of our own tomatoes and one of his in our mixture as well.
Just after I’d gotten it ready to throw in the pan Alan came back from our garden with three newly ripened tomatoes!
This is going to be a feast for the soul! Living as locally as possible is something I aim to maintain throughout the rest of my life whenever possible.
Bon apetit!