No-Spend June = Creative Possibilities

Hello my lovely readers! Happy first day of June and beginning of the meteorological summer, well here in the Northern hemisphere at least. A little update about things in the Bugler-Perez household. First, we are embarking on a no-spend month which basically means we will spend on nothing extra other than the bills we have to pay and the food we must eat. No outings. no extra coffee dates here and there, no frivolous spending of any sort. Sounds daunting, I know, but I think it will help us greatly in the long run to be able to save for truly extra special events as well as enable us (me in particular) to use the things we have on hand and/or get rid of the things we will ultimately not use. Thirty days of not spending on extras may seem like a long time but in the end I think it will be well worth it.

Another little thing I wanted to share is that I am going to be blogging daily this month using prompts from Hello Neverland for the month of June. I found her blog via Pinterest after I was searching for a way to beat my ‘blogger’s block’ and found her prompts to be really encouraging and fairly easy to fit into my lifestyle blog. Today’s prompt is how do you express your creativity and I think this ties in perfectly with my no-spend month as I am aiming to be more creative in many ways–crafting, cooking, even how I entertain myself and how my husband and I entertain ourselves as a whole. I am hoping this will help us use our time a bit more wisely and allow us to create more.

Generally speaking, I express my creativity in the form of art or paper crafting. I love to create things, pretty things and functional as well. Anything that is visually pleasing is what I like to make to express myself.

paper crafting


My other main form of creative expression is photography. I just love snapping photos of people, places, things and even abstracts. When I am not shooting with my DSLR my iPhone is almost always out for me to capture a candid shot of someplace or something.

florida photography

I’m not particularly interested in how others perceive all the things I make or all the things I photograph, they are mostly for my own pleasure though it is nice to hear that other people enjoy it as well. I also enjoy being creative in the kitchen, trying new flavours and not rigidly sticking to a recipe but sometimes changing it up. I think, being a creative person, I tend to express my creativity in all the things I do on a regular basis. What about you? How do you express your creativity? Is your creative side affecting your pocket too much or have you found ways to manage that well? I am very curious about what you all think and what stories you can tell! Have you tried a no-spend month before?

I am hoping to get creative with all of my paper crafting supplies this month while I am not purchasing anymore to see just how far I can push the bounds of my own creativity. I’ll hopefully be publishing a few entries with how-to’s on my snail mail blog throughout the month of June.

Have a very happy and blessed June! I’m off to bed! Chat more to you all tomorrow!


PHOTOS: Paper punched & hand cut shapes for use in paper crafting; far side of Coquina Beach, Florida 2 years ago.

Want to use the same blogging prompts I’m using? Here’s the June prompts from Hello Neverland.


She’s So Fancy: A Look at The Fancy Lady Gourmet’s newest #stationery venture

fancyladygourmet fancy paperie

Many of you know that I am a snail mailer and make my own stationery but what you might not know is that I have a few other friends who do the same and while my shop is on a temporary hiatus I thought I would hi-light some of the things my other snail mailing friends have to offer. A year ago when I created Walks in Beauty’s Instagram and Etsy shop I had the opportunity to befriend the lovely Amanda Sinisi who not only purchased some papers from me but also became a regular fan of my work. It is not surprising that with her background in fashion design and super cute and kitsch baked goods she would eventually venture into making stationery, that most coveted stuff that we snail mailers crave. Amanda’s designs are cute and quirky, girly with a hint of darkness and just beautiful.

Let me just show you a few of my favourites from her Storenvy shop:

fancy paperie woodland fox stationery set

Woodland Fox Stationery Set

fancy paperie fancy floral postcard set

Fancy Floral Postcard Set

fancy paperie pastel floral stationery set

Pastel Floral Stationery Set

Each stationery set comes with 12 sheets, 6 envelopes and 6 matching seals and are professionally printed on high quality paper. The designs are beautifully hand-drawn and then digitized and are quite unique to the artist. Amanda is also putting her designs on other things besides paper products these days as evidenced in her blog, Cupcakes and Corsets. Also available in the Storenvy shop are sticker sets, gift wrap and tags which are all very pretty and cute! These would make great unique Christmas gifts for the snail mailer in your life!


Follow Amanda on Instagram: @ladyfancy13

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ©Fancy Paperie 2014
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ©Walks in Beauty 2015

A Little bit of #ICAD2015


I know I said I was going to keep up to date with the ICAD posts but life has been just hectic and I’ve not had the chance to post them weekly here. I have, however, posted most of them on my personal Instagram account and you are more than welcome to have a look at the rest there. ☺ Here I am sharing cards 32-38, dated 2nd July through 8th July 2015. I’ve been enjoying experimenting with different techniques and for those dates did mostly doodles. Other cards have included painting, mixed media, collage and more. I used Letraset ProMarkers and Tria Markers for these along with Pitt Pens and Micron pens for the drawing aspect. So, without further ado, here they are!


ICAD 2015, Card 32: Bubbles


ICAD 2015, Card 33: Sleepy Cheeks


ICAD 2015, Card 34: Rose Ambition


ICAD 2015, Card 35: Texture Study


ICAD 2015, Card 36: Metallic Waves


ICAD 2015, Card 37: Chalkboard Style


ICAD 2015, Card 38: Summer Berries, Strawberries


Tennessee Volunteers Index Cards
Faber-Castell Artist Pitt Pens in black
Sakura PIGMA MICRON Pens in black
LETRASET Promarkers (Pastels)
LETRASET Tria Markers (Brights)

ALL ART WORK was hand-drawn and coloured by me, Nadia M. Perez Bugler. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 2015

#ICAD2015 Week 1 Recap


Above are my first 7 cards for the ICAD 2015 challenge. A lot has happened this week so I hadn’t had the chance to post more this past week. 

Each individual card has an explanation on my personal Instagram and I’m hoping to blog a bit more this week. Prompts for week 2 (which starts tomorrow) are already up on Tammy’s blog and Instagram. Click on the button on the sidebar and have a look at her blog. 

This is such a fun project! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s prompt! 

Hope everyone had a great Sunday!


Nadia xo

Life and #ICAD2015…

icad card 1 blog post

Life, as depicted in my artwork above, has been a bit of a whirlwind lately for me. Visa application prep, missing and being far away from my hubby, just everything has been a jumble of mixed emotions and has felt like I’ve been on a roller coaster these last few months. Still, life is indeed beautiful and full of hope. I’m very excited as I have decided to take part in this year’s ICAD 2015 art challenge again. I took part but didn’t stay the course back in 2012 when ICAD was just on its second year running. You can see a few of the cards I made featured in my old blog, Mes Petites Creations. It’s cool to see how my artwork has changed in the course of three years.

ICAD was started by artist Tammy of the Daisy Yellow blog back in 2011 and stands for Index Card A Day. On her website you can find a full explanation about ICAD2015 as well as prompts for the week, daily prompts, tips and more. If you’ve never done any art journalling but have always wanted to try it, Daisy Yellow is a great blog for the beginner to learn from. I found Tammy’s blog back in 2012 when I was starting to dabble in art journalling and love it!

The image above is my 1st card of the 61 day challenge and incorporated elements from Tammy’s prompts. I used some brush pens I have for the lettering, magazine cut outs and pen drawings to embellish.

The best part of ICAD??? Being able to express oneself in absolutely any artistic medium without restrictions! Doing things like what I did in the above image, using all the different materials you have available. It’s a great way to practise new techniques, get out of our comfort zones and just create to our heart’s content. It’s also inspiring!

I made the card below in just 5 minutes using some new paint markers, inspired having done the first icad card today and my new found love of practising lettering. I have a long way to go yet but at least I’m getting out of my comfort zone and creating without restraints! It’s a wonderful feeling!

So, won’t you join us in this creative venture? If you want to learn more about ICAD just click any of the links above or the image link on the sidebar which will take you right to Tammy’s ICAD Index for all the news on how to start. Even if you don’t start today or do the whole challenge, just doing any amount of it will be rewarding in and of itself. Give it a try!

I’ll be doing more blog posts about ICAD weekly, sharing my cards on here at the end of each week. You can also see my cards on my personal instagram account, @mrsnadiabugler. Tootles!


Nadia xo


Faber Castell Artist Pitt Pen, brush tip in Black (central word ‘life’), fineliner (chevron in upper left)
Art Performance Dual Brush Pens in Fleshy Pink, Sky Blue & Grey (‘life’ lettering background and chevron on lower right)
— Magazine cut outs
— 3×5 plain white index card

–White linen note card from a set purchased at Tuesday Morning
PAINTERS paint markers in Hot Pink and Neon Blue


Monday Musings: #Creative #Murmurings


Creativity is the joy of my soul, it is the thing I most yearn for each day and it is the creative people around me that continue to inspire me. From my friend April Styles of MaddLola to the ever impressive Keren from Free Pretty Things For You, they’re always a source of inspiration.

The other day I went to Keren’s website and found the perfect gift to print out in her printables section to send a pen pal as a birthday gift.


Neon and fluorescent colours have been on my mind a lot lately and my second giveaway over on my Facebook page was inspired by my new set of hi-lighters given to me by my pen pal Marion from the Netherlands. Yesterday my hubby bought me some fun sticky note tabs to get creative with and I used them in this fun handmade postcard.




Think I’ll be making some more soon! I got the sketching postcards from Waterstones and they’re a great texture.

A creative lifestyle is definitely the one for me!

How do you pass the time?


Nadia xoxo

#National #StationeryWeek #Free #Shipping and #Giveaway

Trying to get on the ball with blogging while having life interrupt is sometimes an inescapable plot. Either way though, I’ve been busy through the weekend, working on the shop and on some new designs. It’s National Stationery Week in the UK and I did manage to get on the Facebook page to let people know we are doing Free Shipping on all orders placed this week through Sunday, 6th April for all UK and Ireland residents.


We’ve still got our Grand Opening sale promotion going on as well…

wib sale fb cover

And of course, what would a Stationery event be without a giveaway?


In order to enter the giveaway you must go to our Facebook page to share the image-only Facebook shares count! Plus, we’ve added some new designs to the shop which I’ll share with you in a bit!


Happy Writing!!

xx Nadia