about us

Nadia and Alan are two star crossed lovers whose lives intertwined one beautiful Spring in 2013. Lovers of the arts, literature and photography, they tied the knot on 19th February 2014 in Nadia’s hometown of Bradenton, Florida. You will always see these two, cameras in tow, trotting around the globe looking to capture those hidden treasures that no one has yet seen or simply passed by. Nadia trained classically in Vocal Performance at Barry University and also studied Spanish Language and Literature at Eastern Washington University and is currently the Co-Editor of Bradenton/Sarasota’s Town Taster magazine. Alan studied Fine Arts at Weymouth College and is dedicated to furthering his experience as a photographer.

Nadia is a self-taught artist, illustrator and graphic designer who continues to grow by taking courses, learning from others through collaboration and research, but mostly by trial and error.

They both love to cook so watch for frequent food posts and they also love to travel, even if it is over to the next town. They are always on the go so, watch this space frequently for updates!

All Images © Nadia Marie Perez Bugler 2013-2014 & Alan Bugler 2013-2014, All Rights Reserved.


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