Hello again! It’s been a while…


Well, after a rather long hiatus from blogging, partially because I wasn’t feeling much like writing and partly because I had forgotten my login details, I am back with you all again. Hello from Bridport! It was a lovely start to April today, lots of sunshine despite some looming clouds so Alan and I headed off on a walk to West Bay to have a nice beach day.


Despite some brooding storm clouds towards town, the Bay stayed dry while we were there and the walk home was lovely. Alan even found a human size hamster wheel in one of the fields. *wink*

Hopefully we will be back blogging more regularly here though we can’t promise to do so daily. I for one have a lot more to share with you all but for now I bid you a good weekend and a good night!


Photos of West Bay by Nadia M. Perez Bugler ©2017 All Rights Reserved.


Inside the #Portland #Bill #Lighthouse and other views…

Portland Bill Lighthouse and more

Part three of our journey to the Isle of Portland was all about going up inside the lighthouse and taking in the last few scenic views of the area before heading back home to Bridport the following day. Sunday dawned grey and windy, cold and not the best day in the world to be out and about but we made the most of it heading first to the Coast Watch Tower for a mini tour by the volunteers there (it’s free and they really like visitors). The tower itself isn’t much to look at but going up there is worth the trip just to have a look through the giant binoculars. The detail of the lighthouse that can be seen through them is incredible! After that we walked down to the lighthouse to book a tour spot. We went up with 15 other people and a guide, some of which included children. A word to the parents out there who wish to take their children to Portland Bill Lighthouse, because of the potential safety risks due to structural features of the lighthouse, small children are only permitted to climb the lighthouse if they are at least 1.1 metres in height and capable of climbing up and back down without help. If your children are too small to go up inside, it is still worth the wait until they are tall enough to go in.

So, without further ado, I will share some photos of our last day of exploration around Portland Bill!


Looking down on the Old Lower Lighthouse from the road by the Coast Watch tower…


The grey day made for some very atmospheric photos…


One last look at the Pulpit Inn where we had eaten the bulk of our meals that weekend…


Heading back toward the lighthouse, getting ready to head inside it…


Hubby taking a few last shots of the area…


Best view of Pulpit Rock we had throughout the weekend. It was too wet and windy to actually stand on the rock bed in front of it…


Close-up so you can see how narrow the lighthouse is, and we went inside that with 16 other people!


Inside the ground floor of the lighthouse at the start of our tour. Those steps above are quite narrow and steep.


A little bit of lighthouse history on this Trinity House plaque…


Still within the ground floor, looking at all the commemorative items inside…


This was above us on the next level up…


A look at the actual light from the lighthouse. The bulbs inside are small but just imagine the beams they make reflecting off of all those panels!


This was taken of the obelisk from inside the lighthouse, in the part which houses the light…


And one last look at Pulpit Rock from inside the lighthouse…


Hubby inside the lighthouse so you can see the scale of the windows that the light shines through…

We were really hard pressed to leave such a naturally beautiful place! We fell in love with Portland Bill and can’t wait to explore again, especially when it is a bit warmer. The lighthouse tour was not very long but it was worth the £14 we paid to go in and have the experience. It is volunteer run through the Trinity House Trust. Would you go up into the lighthouse if you had the chance?


Nadia xo


For more information on Portland Bill Lighthouse please visit: http://www.trinityhouse.co.uk/lighthouses/lighthouse_list/portland_bill.html

For Health & Safety Regulations: http://www.trinityhouse.co.uk/lighthouses/visitor_centre_h_s_guidelines.pdf

Along the Coast Path to Church Ope Cove

Portland Bill

I should know by now that when I set out to fulfill a goal something usually gets in my way so apologies for being so late with the second part of our photographic journey around Portland Bill and other parts! As I had stated in an earlier post, my one little word for this year is EXPLORE and having purchased the Secret Places of West Dorset book earlier in the New Year we could not resist going to at least one of the places mentioned in there during our stay on the Isle of Portland. We decided to head to Church Ope Cove the Saturday of our stay which also happened to be my hubby’s birthday. We both love walks, photography and being outdoors in general so he was quite happy to have an exploration adventure on his special day.

Since we were staying in a B&B in one of the old Coast Guard cottages and were within a stone’s throw from the lighthouse we thought it was just a bit more exciting to walk to Church Ope Cove than to drive there as the book suggests. Also, we don’t own a car so relying on public transport and our own two legs is a must. Louise Hodgson does a great job of telling you exactly how to get to each place in her book when you are driving there but it is also easy enough to follow her detailed instructions on foot. Our host was able to tell us that following the coast path from the Bill would lead us to where we wanted to go so that’s what we did. In the following selection of photos you will get to see the coast line leading from the lighthouse to the Cove just as we saw it on 31st January of this year. Enjoy!


Starting point, Portland Bill Lighthouse & Obelisk as seen from the coast path.


Waves crashing in the crags along the coast line.


Silhouette of a lone derrick, these dot the coast path along the former quarry sites one passes through.


A look back as we walked farther down the path…


Beach huts and boats dot this first part of the coast path heading East…


Stone, waves, and huts in the distance…


Just a look out to sea…


Hubby sat in a boat with the sun shinning, a derrick in the background…


Beach huts and the Old Lower Lighthouse in the background…


Seeing the crags fill with waves crashing onto them was just breath-taking…


It continued to get rockier and deeper as we continued along the path…








Alan stood close to a derrick that was not covered in water…




At this point along the path we could no longer see the lighthouse but rather saw mostly rocks…


We stopped near here, an abandoned quarry site along the path, to have some refreshment before heading on. You can see parts of the Isle of Purbeck in the distance from here.


Finally arriving at the site of our destination, trees along the entry way to Church Ope Cove, just outside of Rufus Castle…


Looking up at the imposing Rufus Castle, more a fort than a castle really…


The view of Church Ope Cove from just below Rufus Castle…


Rufus Castle is a Grade I listed building and also a scheduled monument and dates from the late 15th century…


The rugged coastline of Church Ope Cove is dotted by small beach huts below…


The way down to the Cove from just below Rufus Castle…


The impressive archway attached to the castle…


Part of the overgrown ruins of St. Andrew’s Church which lays just below Rufus Castle and above the Cove…


Ruins of St. Andrew’s Church…


Long view of the top of some of the beach huts at Church Ope Cove with rocks above and to the East…



A rocky getaway…

Isn’t Portland a beautiful place? We can’t wait to go again and explore other areas that we didn’t see on our visit. It was quite rainy and muddy the majority of the time we stayed. The Saturday was really the only clear day we had which worked out perfectly as that was our main outing, aside from going to the top of the lighthouse. I recommend that if you go in the winter months and want to do some walking and exploring you take  good pair of hiking boots so you can trek through the mud. We can’t wait to explore more of Dorset in the next few months!

Have a beautiful week and keep travelling!


Nadia xo


More about Rufus Castle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rufus_Castle

More about St. Andrew’s Church: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Andrew%27s_Church,_Portland

More about Church Ope Cove: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_Ope_Cove

Portland Bill Getaway in Photos Part I: Friday Evening Stroll by the Lighthouse

Strong winds greeted us last Friday upon our arrival to the Bill! We took a taxi from Weymouth to the B&B cottage we were to stay at and after checking in, having a coffee, and unpacking a few things we set out to walk around Portland Bill toward the lighthouse before heading to the Pulpit Inn for dinner. Here are a few snaps I managed to take before my phone died.


We went up into the lighthouse on the Sunday but I’ll have a more detailed post about that soon! In the meantime enjoy our blustery photos of Portland Bill on the last Friday of January! 

How many of you have visited the Isle of Portland? What was your favourite part? 


Nadia xo

Off to Portland we go! 

It’s Friday and I am currently writing to you from inside The Curve, a lovely little cafe just outside of M&S in Weymouth. Alan and I don’t have a car so most often we have to rely on public transport, trains or coaches and taxis. 

We took the bus from Bridport to Weymouth today and will probably take a taxi to Portland Bill to our B&B. But first we are enjoying a hot chocolate! And they are delectable! 



Can you guess which one was mine and which one was Alan’s? 😉 

Off to finish up and get to the isle!


Nadia xo

After Christmas Sale Bargains


Despite the fact that we live in a fairly small market town and that many of the shops weren’t even open yesterday, Alan and I got some good bargains at Lilliput’s and a couple of the charity shops around. The first things we bought in the sales were more Christmas cards at 50% off the regular price. I like to be prepared and thought what better way than to get the cards I didn’t get earlier this year since I already had a ton and use these next year? I still have some leftover from this year but as my list seems to grow yearly it’s always good to have plenty on hand. Also, chocolate, one can never have too much chocolate. 


Our local home goods shop was having a sale as well and since we’d been eyeing a wintry duvet set for a while we went in to see if it was included in the sale and BARGAIN! It was and we got it plus a couple of other things that at full price would have cost us £30 more than we actually paid for them. I rarely like to pay full price so for me these were well worth it. 


after christmas sales bridport

Lots of lovely bits from Lilliputs…

What sorts of bargains do you seek out after Christmas? Or do you not shop at all in the days after the festivities? Normally I don’t shop after Christmas sales but our local shops had such great bargains that they should definitely not have been missed. 


Nadia xoxo

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ©2015 Walls in Beauty 

Photography by Nadia M. Perez Bugler 

Christmas in Lyme Regis: Lights and Window Displays

christmas in lyme regis


Ever since I was a child I always loved looking at the lights and window displays in shops and around the towns/cities I lived in. Coming from America a Christmas display was always a big deal and I still remember the magical feeling of seeing New York City all ‘done up’ for Christmas and all the local shops in the towns I’d lived in decorated plus the light displays at the houses along the streets. I’ve been enjoying seeing the lights in Bridport, my new home, and thought it would be interesting to see what one of my favourite coastal towns, Lyme Regis, had done for flair during the festive season. So off Alan and I went today to see as well as become battered by the strong winds when we stopped at the Cobb…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

One of my favourite cottages near the Cobb had its windows all done up.

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Aren’t they magnificent?

Lyme Regis at Christmas

An oddly large fairy at the Harbour Inn window…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Just as the dark was about to set in…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Looking up the High Street.

Lyme Regis at Christmas

In total darkness, lights all a flicker…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Such a lovely winter wonderland in his display…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

White animals with a blue lit tree…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Lyme’s lovely tree…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

A bit dark but you can just see my hubby with the tree…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

And then he had to take one of me…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

One together for posterity…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Best fudge in town! Loved their red and blue lights!

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Christmas trees forming an arch way…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

The best kind of light, natural light from the moon lighting up the sea…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Looking back up through the small path toward the High Street…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Just a night-time scene…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Hubby enjoying the view…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

I think this was my favourite display by far on the High Street…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

The other half of that display…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

And being on the Jurassic Coast, who could forget some dinos?

Lyme Regis at Christmas

A Christmassy T-Rex…