Back Home in #Bridport…

at home in Bridport

After a long blog hiatus I can finally say I am home! The long awaited spouse visa I was applying for was approved and I am officially residing in the United Kingdom with my husband. It feels amazing to be able to be home where I belong and I look forward to bringing you all more of Bridport and Dorset as well as any other places we might travel to along the way.

It’s been a grey and rather dreary day, I am a bit sick with the lurghy, as my husband would say, at the moment but thankfully not too sick to blog or do other things. I hope to soon be bringing you more lifestyle posts, recipes and other interesting posts. I really hope to take this blog to the next level and basically give you a peek into my life as an American expat in Bridport.

That being said, I leave you for now and look forward to sharing more with you all soon! Enjoy the earlier view from our window! It’s great to be back!



Nadia xoxo