Hello again! It’s been a while…


Well, after a rather long hiatus from blogging, partially because I wasn’t feeling much like writing and partly because I had forgotten my login details, I am back with you all again. Hello from Bridport! It was a lovely start to April today, lots of sunshine despite some looming clouds so Alan and I headed off on a walk to West Bay to have a nice beach day.


Despite some brooding storm clouds towards town, the Bay stayed dry while we were there and the walk home was lovely. Alan even found a human size hamster wheel in one of the fields. *wink*

Hopefully we will be back blogging more regularly here though we can’t promise to do so daily. I for one have a lot more to share with you all but for now I bid you a good weekend and a good night!


Photos of West Bay by Nadia M. Perez Bugler ©2017 All Rights Reserved.


Christmas in Lyme Regis: Lights and Window Displays

christmas in lyme regis


Ever since I was a child I always loved looking at the lights and window displays in shops and around the towns/cities I lived in. Coming from America a Christmas display was always a big deal and I still remember the magical feeling of seeing New York City all ‘done up’ for Christmas and all the local shops in the towns I’d lived in decorated plus the light displays at the houses along the streets. I’ve been enjoying seeing the lights in Bridport, my new home, and thought it would be interesting to see what one of my favourite coastal towns, Lyme Regis, had done for flair during the festive season. So off Alan and I went today to see as well as become battered by the strong winds when we stopped at the Cobb…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

One of my favourite cottages near the Cobb had its windows all done up.

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Aren’t they magnificent?

Lyme Regis at Christmas

An oddly large fairy at the Harbour Inn window…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Just as the dark was about to set in…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Looking up the High Street.

Lyme Regis at Christmas

In total darkness, lights all a flicker…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Such a lovely winter wonderland in his display…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

White animals with a blue lit tree…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Lyme’s lovely tree…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

A bit dark but you can just see my hubby with the tree…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

And then he had to take one of me…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

One together for posterity…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Best fudge in town! Loved their red and blue lights!

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Christmas trees forming an arch way…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

The best kind of light, natural light from the moon lighting up the sea…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Looking back up through the small path toward the High Street…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Just a night-time scene…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

Hubby enjoying the view…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

I think this was my favourite display by far on the High Street…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

The other half of that display…

Lyme Regis at Christmas

And being on the Jurassic Coast, who could forget some dinos?

Lyme Regis at Christmas

A Christmassy T-Rex…


A Look Inside: The Alleyways, The Woodman Inn, & The Electric Palace in #Bridport

Yesterday we also went to The Alleyways, the Woodman Inn for a late lunch and the tearoom at the Electric Palace. If people think there’s nothing to do in Bridport they are sorely mistaken!
Here are a few of my favourites from the Alleyways:



As a writer I’m in love with the nostalgia of typewriters! The vintage bottles and car front were just too good to pass up!

Inside the Woodman Inn, one of the many pubs available to visit in Bridport and one which I had not yet been inside…




A cheeky look while we wait for our food and the rain to pass…

My hubby starting to feel better after a night and morning of migraine pain…

The Electric Palace was my other favourite spot of the afternoon…







I hope to explore this place further someday soon! What places make your area interesting?