#Friendship & #Baking…


One of the nicest things one can do for a friend is welcome them into your home with some freshly baked goodies. 

Today my friend Kiki will be arriving at SRQ to visit with me for the week and I decided to make her some Ginger a Snaps following Livin’ It Bekah Styles recipe which she posted in her blog recently. 

The smell of the cookies is intoxicating and hearkens recollections of drinking tea with friends with some lovely snacks to accompany it.


I halved Bekah’s recipe for today because I only had enough of certain ingredients to make about half the amount. These cookies literally melt in your mouth when freshly out of the oven and are exquisite in form.

I really hope Kiki, who is also a blogger, will enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed making them. If you’re a baker you should give these and Bekah’s other many lovely recipes she shares on her blog. Click on the link in the second paragraph and it will take you to the recipe for these gorgeous cookies.



Nadia xo


#SPSH2015 Parcel Reveal

At the end of last month I took part in the wonderful event that is Wreck This Girl’s Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt via her fabulous blog Snail Mail Love. Each participant received a list of things to gather and a secret swap partner to send to which was truly a blast! Each person definitely had a unique way of presenting their parcels and sent unique items which you can see on Instagram by looking up the hashtag #SPSH2015. You won’t be disappointed! 

I received a fabulous parcel from a secret pal in London, England! I couldn’t be more pleased with what she selected for me! It’s all stuff I’ll use and love! So here’s the big reveal of what I received…

This lovely Paperchase Flash Back card was the first thing I saw and opened in the box.

A peek inside the fabulous box…each postcard explained the contents of the box.

A peek at the goods…

City Explorer’s Kit: Underground map tea towel, super cute London stickers, glittery travel stickers.

Postal Freak Kit: Cute animal mini cards and Weird egg decoration stickers

Bad Day Survival Kit: Monster Tissues, sparkly socks, sunflower nail files, & bubbles! 🙂

Monogram: Wooden ‘N’ sticker & Embroidered ‘N’ notebook. Preference Presents: Green & Purple washi tapes from Paperchase + fab colourful sketchbook!

I love it all! Thank you to my secret penpal! I can’t wait to participate again next year! Want to see some of the posts by others? Check out the host’s post, #SPSH2015 Reveal Day

Keep writing! Stay creative! 


Nadia xo

Monday Musings: Putting some life back into the blog…


It has been one month since my last post on here and I couldn’t feel more disorganised. Life seems to always get in the way of my doing the things I’d like to be doing and focusing on the things that matter most to me so here I am renewed and recharged after a lot of thinking. Today I started planning out blog posts for each day and I am hoping that I shall be able to keep things up daily from Monday through Friday without blogging on the weekends. I know that sounds weird but I want to make blogging a part of my work routine so to speak. I want to see Walks in Beauty flourish into so much more than just a blog and an Etsy shop. I know I need to take the time out of my day to really give things my attention if I want to make this my career, writing and creating. It is not easy having a part time job that requires you to take the middle chunk of your day, the part when you feel most creative, to be in one spot wasting the time away.

Still, that being said, today it gave me some time to think about what I want for Walks in Beauty and what direction I’d like to take it in. I have a few ideas for series type posts as I used to have in my old blog but better and more consistent content. Looking back at the posts that did the best, I noticed that food related and recipe posts seemed to be my forte along with photos of places. I also have a lot of vintage ideas in my head to start working with, which I will share with you all by and by!

So, today I just share with you my thoughts on the subject. Tomorrow I will start sharing some new and exciting things with you all!

Happy Blogging and Reading!

Nadia xoxo


Vintage Stock Images in Header from: MementoMori-Stock