Meet WIBP’s new brand reps

Last week I made a general call for brand reps for Walks in Beauty Paperie and found some very eager and willing social media mavens to represent our brand for the next three months. We are so excited to have them join the Walks in Beauty team and look forward to sharing more of their adventures with you all as well. So, without further ado here they are.


Each lady has a blog and instagram or twitter account which we hope to share with you via our own social media pages as well so that you can get to know them better. Here are the blog links to each one so you can have a look at each unique style and voice.

Barb’s blog is ritewhileucan. She writes a lot about all things paper related and letter writing related and goes on some fantastic tours of places in her native home of Canada.

Bekah’s blog is Livin’ It Bekah Style, you might recognise her blog as being the one I got that fabulous ginger snap recipe from I mentioned in my last blog post. She is also my twinsie and best friend in Canada.

Susie blogs over on Facebook on her page called Snail Mail with Susie where she shares goodies she’s purchased, tips and other stuff related to our shared love of snail mail.

Please check their blogs out and keep up to date with us here and on our own social media pages!


Nadia xoxo


2 thoughts on “Meet WIBP’s new brand reps

    • I am so glad that you and the other ladies were such fabulous reps! I am hoping to change things up a bit in my shop and move to a newer platform soon but in the meantime I will be having a sale on Etsy. 🙂


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