Blogging Goals and New Series

Lyme Bay from Stonebarrow

Lyme Bay as seen from Stonebarrow National Trust site, June 2014. Photo by Nadia M. Perez Bugler ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Well, it has been a while since the beginning of the year, January is nearly at a close and I am FINALLY getting more organised with things, career-wise, goal-wise and now with blogging. I dislike feeling like I am in chaos or in limbo and while we are not yet exactly where we want to be with our life, Alan and I are taking steps to get there and enjoying actually being together in the same place knowing that the future is brighter from here on out.

At the beginning of the year I decided that I wanted to try a few new things, one being Ali Edwards’ One Little Word project and the other being my New Year’s resolutions of using the massive amount of craft supplies I have in my possession and not buying more until I have run out of things or am getting low on certain things, buying local more often, less waste (would love to get to ZERO waste like my friend Ouissi is doing from The Old Fashioned Mama), and enjoying the simple things in life.

I chose to use EXPLORE as my one little word for this year and have already started exploring more of Dorset and even within our local area. I love going to different villages and just having a wander, photographing them and just enjoying the scenery and atmosphere. So far, from after Christmas and well into this month we have explored the likes of Symondsbury, Poundbury, Broadwindsor, other areas and small hidden away parts of Bridport and more. This weekend we are set to explore Portland Bill and its surroundings while celebrating Alan’s birthday on Saturday. I am looking forward to it and hope we can visit at least one of the places mentioned in the book we got over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday season called Secret Places of West Dorset by Louise Hodgson. If you are local to West Dorset and have not picked up this wonderful book you really ought not hesitate to get it. Louise has come out with a sequel to it as well, called More Secret Places of West Dorset which I hope we can get soon!

One of the things I hope to do as Alan and I explore more of our beautiful county is use Louise Hodgson’s books to bring you gorgeous photo diary posts on the blog of the places we discover with the aid of her book. While in Portland this weekend we hope to get to visit Church Ope Cove and the ruins of Rufus Castle and St Andrew’s Church in the vicinity which are noted in the first book I mentioned. I have decided to do a series of posts of each of the places we visit this year that are outlined in Secret Places of West Dorset, photo diary style with minimal writing, so that you too can see it if you are too far away to explore it yourself or perhaps it will inspire you to come out to Dorset and see it all for yourself. Once we have seen each place in the first book we shall tackle the second book! Wish us luck!

As for my main blogging goals, well, I would love to really strive to write a post a day from Monday to Friday, sharing with you all the things I am currently loving, doing, working on and most of all I would love to share what is going on in Bridport and the surrounding area as well as showcase local artisans, shop owners and the like. So, stay tuned for even more blog series coming your way in February as well as more gorgeous photos of my life as an expat here in England, more specifically Dorset.

Have a beautiful day all!


Nadia xoxo

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