After Christmas Sale Bargains


Despite the fact that we live in a fairly small market town and that many of the shops weren’t even open yesterday, Alan and I got some good bargains at Lilliput’s and a couple of the charity shops around. The first things we bought in the sales were more Christmas cards at 50% off the regular price. I like to be prepared and thought what better way than to get the cards I didn’t get earlier this year since I already had a ton and use these next year? I still have some leftover from this year but as my list seems to grow yearly it’s always good to have plenty on hand. Also, chocolate, one can never have too much chocolate. 


Our local home goods shop was having a sale as well and since we’d been eyeing a wintry duvet set for a while we went in to see if it was included in the sale and BARGAIN! It was and we got it plus a couple of other things that at full price would have cost us £30 more than we actually paid for them. I rarely like to pay full price so for me these were well worth it. 


after christmas sales bridport

Lots of lovely bits from Lilliputs…

What sorts of bargains do you seek out after Christmas? Or do you not shop at all in the days after the festivities? Normally I don’t shop after Christmas sales but our local shops had such great bargains that they should definitely not have been missed. 


Nadia xoxo

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18 thoughts on “After Christmas Sale Bargains

  1. I totally shouldn’t have read this as I always go out and spend too much in the after Christmas sales but this year I was good and stayed at home! I want to go out and buy chocolate, candles and duvets now though! LOL. Great haul, I love everything you picked up ❤

    Louise x

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  2. I usually steer clear of the shops straight after Christmas unless there’s something I particularly want in the sale (and often try to get that online if so), although I’m like you that I’ll snap up Christmas cards when they’re on offer for next year.

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  3. You are right, you can never have too much chocolate! I’m thinking of buying Christmas decorations for next year, it’s just that I have no money at the min. Never have, heading into January. Xmas cards a great idea too.

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  4. I Love Bargains After Christmas and we popped to Asda to grab some too which made me super duper happy. I’ll now be packing up our Christmas boxes and then find new and exciting items next year! Christmas cards on sale are great too…It saves us a lot of money each year.

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  5. Sensibly I brought some more sheets from House of Fraser as they are always greatly reduced, clothes for Monkey as he will always grow into them and we are short on trousers since a recent growth spurt. As he has eczema we have to buy 100% cotton which can be difficult/expensive to find in the larger sizes so I always buy in the sales where I can. I also naughtily brought a couple of baby grows for our pending arrival. So quite successful really! xx

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  6. You got some lovely bargains Nadia, I especially love the vintage style deer card! How lovely that your Christmas list grows every year, mine gets smaller and smaller. My best friend and my Dad didn’t send me a card back! The bedding and tealight holders are gorgeous too, so cosy 🙂

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    • I’m sorry to hear that your best friend and Dad didn’t even send you a card. That’s very rude, especially if you sent them one. I got a late start this past Christmas so I missed sending quite a few folks one but this year I’m starting early and putting it down on my calendar. Happy New Year Fiona! xx


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