#Christmas in #Bridport: A Glimpse into December’s Late Night Shopping Tradition


Christmas in Bridport Dorset

A couple of weeks ago on 9th December, Alan and I went to Bridport’s Late Night Shopping where the majority of the town’s shops stay open later than usual and there are stalls down along South Street as well as fun fair rides for the children and an appearance from Father Christmas. We headed out into the evening a little after it had begun but were able to see and experience the full effect of everyone out having a good time. We even saw a few friends out enjoying the evening, had a coffee from Soulshine Cafe and bought a few things from some of the local shops for the festivities.

I love seeing the town brimming with people and as it is my first Christmas here in Bridport I was happy to snap a few pics to show everyone how many lovely folks were out and about that day.

Christmas in Bridport

Walking down West Street heading toward the activity.

Christmas in Bridport

Frost’s “XMAS” light display above the shop front windows.

Christmas in Bridport

The tree in Bucky Doo among the hub bub of people and stalls…

Christmas in Bridport

Looking down South Street at the people and stalls…

Christmas in Bridport

The Hot Chestnuts stall and two townies…

Christmas in Bridport

People and the fun fair rides in the distance…

What sorts of Christmas traditions do your towns hold? Does Father Christmas usually make an appearance, does the Salvation Army Band come around? I’d love to know what other places do to get into the holiday spirit!

Merry Christmas!

Nadia xoxo




18 thoughts on “#Christmas in #Bridport: A Glimpse into December’s Late Night Shopping Tradition

    • Yes! Back in the States for me it was always normal to have shops open until 9pm on a regular basis, midnight at Christmas time so it has taken some getting used to having to deal with shops being open until only 5:30pm and supermarkets only marginally later. 🙂


  1. Oh this looks great. We live in a rural village so there’s no late night shopping but there is an annual Christmas Market with carol singing and Santa does his rounds of the village on a sleigh visiting all of the children xxx

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  2. In Cambridge there is a lot of activities leading up to Christmas, Father Christmas does make his appearance in a lot of places and there is so much to do as a family. Lovely pictures you’ve shared


    • True but for us in the smaller towns it is a rare treat. 🙂 I lived in the US before where nothing closed before 9pm usually so it has taken me some time to get used to the earlier closings here but I do find it refreshing as it means people can at least have the evenings to relax. 🙂 xx


  3. This looks lovely and it’s nice that there are some special Christmassy changes – although not all the shops nearest me have late-night shopping, being in London means there’s usually somewhere not far away where I could go if I wanted! The stalls sound great as well.

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    • Oh what a shame you didn’t venture out this year but I know what you mean! It can get expensive and become easy to go overboard if you just take a debit card. I think it is a good idea to always take cash to such events. 🙂 xx


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