Hum-Drum: The Everyday Life

I love the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning…it reminds me of my parents’ house. My mom waking early to have her first cup in silence before everyone else awoke when we were younger and then in later years, my room being close to the kitchen, the scent waking me up to join my mom for a nice warm cup. I miss that and yet, it is good to also have my own coffee maker brewing up the familiar scent.
It has been over a week since I last posted and although I felt a bit guilty about that I also realised that life was happening and I cannot worry about a blog post when I’m living life. I admire the lifestyle bloggers that make it their priority to blog everyday about loads of topics and I read many of those blogs for inspiration but right now my dedication is to leading a simpler life with my husband and keeping this as a journal of daily life with a few tips and suggestions along the way.
So, yesterday I was quite busy organising the craft cupboard in the bedroom. Alan and I live in a one bedroom bungalow which we love and are still getting ‘just right’. Slowly but surely. I won’t lie to you, I did have fun going through the boxes and plastic bins to re-organise things. It is by no means complete but is looking better. I found some things I’d forgotten about too! Deep in one of the plastic bins of things I’d left with Alan last year I found these:

Tea bags and sugars from my trip to Cardiff with Jo in March 2013! I miss that place and wish I could have gone this time but who knows, there may yet be some time to go.
I also moved and rearranged some of the shelves on my side of the bedroom cupboard for better storage.

I’ve used the top shelf to house bags, gift bags and some gift wrap supplies by reusing shop bags I’ve kept, decided to use the bar above the second shelf to store my scarves and the actual shelf for beauty supplies, aroma therapy bits and other sundries. I plan on getting coloured boxes for those so I can better contain them. The third shelf has some handbags on it until I can find a more suitable space for them in the front closet, the fourth shelf is at present empty and the last is holding some shoes.
I also rearranged my window sill decor and display adding bits I’d found.

Adding books my husband bought me last year seemed appropriate (they’re held in place by a glass jar I aim to fill with earthy toned stones and glass beads), the flowers were part of my birthday gifts and I added the Welsh dolly from my mother in law and little Dutch clogs I got at the Madurodam in The Hague last year to my small kitsch collection.
I also found in my tidying my book of Celtic Inspirations I’d purchased at The Works in Sutton Coldfield last year, a small pack of Cath Kidston tissues and inside the book a postcard from Jo’s trip to Jersey.

It’s the little things, really!
The big challenge was this cupboard though:

While I’m not quite finished with it, it is quite a bit more tidy than previously and I now know what else I must do to get it looking the way I want!
Such is life, right?
What tidying or organisational tips do you swear by?

Nadia xoxo

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Like the hand-made card featured in the window sill photos? Check out Made for You by Jo on Facebook for more of her handiwork.

All photographs and graphics taken/made by: Nadia M. Perez Bugler using an iPhone 5s and the VSCO & Moldiv apps available on iTunes.
©2014 Walks in Beauty


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