Sharing Bounties: Cooking with Homegrown Veggies

Yesterday was my birthday so I didn’t have much time to write a post but that’s ok. Sometimes we need a break from being at a computer or mobile device. I had a great day out with my husband and ended it with drinks with a couple of friends and a Skype conversation with my folks before calling it a night.

Today it was back to normal, Alan back at work and I at home doing laundry and designing stationery and the like. Tonight we are making a ratatouille like vegetable sauce to eat with pasta using veggies from Alan’s Uncle Keith’s garden and a bit of our own as well.



The courgettes are from his uncle’s garden and we used a couple of our own tomatoes and one of his in our mixture as well.
Just after I’d gotten it ready to throw in the pan Alan came back from our garden with three newly ripened tomatoes!
This is going to be a feast for the soul! Living as locally as possible is something I aim to maintain throughout the rest of my life whenever possible.
Bon apetit!



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