A Brilliant Pre-Birthday Gift…

visit from a friend

As some of you might have deduced by now, my birthday is tomorrow and aside from all the wonderful birthday mail I’ve already received that is waiting to be opened, the gifts and outing my husband has planned for me tomorrow and who knows what else today, in just a couple hours time, I will have the wonderful pleasure of seeing a dear friend from Germany whom I have not seen in ten years! I count this as a birthday gift from the universe as we have wanted to see each other for some time now but had not previously managed it. Being on the same side of the pond now makes it easier to see each other and when she contacted me about coming to visit I was more than excited to be able to see my dear friend. Her name is Martina and we met while studying at Eastern Washington University in Cheney, WA. As I reminisced about the times we spent together as friends over there in 2004 I looked through some old photographs and thought I’d share with you a small blast from the past, photos of when I was just 22 going on 23, young and having the time of my life with friends.

These photos are from our trip to Okanogan, Washington and spent some time in Tonasket and Osoyoos, British Columbia in Canada. We had a great time, made some great new friends and had a beautiful winter trip in February of 2004 during President’s Day weekend!

Myself, Martina and our friend Kani in someone’s house in Tonasket, WA.

On our way to Athena’s house in Okanogan we stopped by this dilapidated bus to take a photo. L-R: Michael Cosby, John Dalbey, Kani, Grace, myself, Athena and Martina.


Martina and I standing on Lake Osoyoos in Canada.

The gang at Grand Coulee Dam in Washington. L-R: Michael Cosby, Martina, Kani, myself, Athena, Grace and John Dalbey.

Kani, Grace, Martina and myself standing near the lake at Osoyoos, Canada.


Having a grand time in Osoyoos, Canada.

I cannot wait to show you pics of my meet up with my friend and her husband! You’ll all have to tell me if we’ve aged much or look different! Have a beautiful Monday, all!



Nadia xoxo


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