Living Locally: Shopping Close to Home

living locally

There are a few things I really wanted to get the hang of while being here and that was to get to know the area which will be my future home. I wanted to know what Bridport has to offer, what banks there are, shops, services, etc. I have come to know many and frequent quite a few within the centre of town and some on the opposite side. Bridport can easily be walked from point to point which is quite nice because it means that everything is relatively within walking distance. This is of particular importance to Alan and myself because we do not have a car and depend mainly on our legs for transport around town and secondly on the local buses to get out of town to neighbouring towns and beyond.

We quite often tend to shop in our local Lidl and Co-Op for big shopping trips and Waitrose for a few every day items as well. There is a Morrison’s but it is on the South end of town which we rarely frequent so we go there but rarely. There are a few convenience shops like Spar and Londis in town as well, we more frequently use Spar but these are still mainly only last resort type of places. There is one shop just down the road from us that we use even more rarely but that I like knowing is there. St. Swithuns Stores, it’s called and has just a tiny bit of everything necessary in it (even tabloid mags if you like to read that sort of thing).


It is, for all intents and purposes, a real general store in every sense of the word but it has gotten me out of tight spots when I needed milk for my coffee straight away or eggs for baking. It is the closest shop to us. Quicker to walk to even than Waitrose which is the closest supermarket to us. I can see myself nipping into St. Swithuns quite often in winter or when it is very rainy weather in the future and I quite like the little place. It is reasonably priced and though it looks a bit run down it is a nice little independent place and I find that I often crave support these types of places far more than the big commercial names. Another bonus, if you look closely at the rooftop in my photograph of the place, they are running on solar power which for me is a very big deal. So, living locally is truly the best thing you can do in my opinion and I will have more posts about that in the next few months.

Have a brilliant weekend, my friends! I probably won’t be posting tomorrow because I have a family outing with the Buglers. Back posting soon!



Nadia xoxo


2 thoughts on “Living Locally: Shopping Close to Home

  1. So funny to see a little store called St. Swithuns running off solar power isn’t it? It’s great that everything is so close to you. I never shop on our island, I prefer to go to the next village, town or city.


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