Monday Musings: #Creative #Murmurings


Creativity is the joy of my soul, it is the thing I most yearn for each day and it is the creative people around me that continue to inspire me. From my friend April Styles of MaddLola to the ever impressive Keren from Free Pretty Things For You, they’re always a source of inspiration.

The other day I went to Keren’s website and found the perfect gift to print out in her printables section to send a pen pal as a birthday gift.


Neon and fluorescent colours have been on my mind a lot lately and my second giveaway over on my Facebook page was inspired by my new set of hi-lighters given to me by my pen pal Marion from the Netherlands. Yesterday my hubby bought me some fun sticky note tabs to get creative with and I used them in this fun handmade postcard.




Think I’ll be making some more soon! I got the sketching postcards from Waterstones and they’re a great texture.

A creative lifestyle is definitely the one for me!

How do you pass the time?


Nadia xoxo


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