On meal plans and daily living…

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It’s been a long while since either of us last posted anything and since there have been too many new developments in life to mention in one blog post I thought I’d at least make a post today detailing what new direction we’d like to take the blog in. Alan is still working in his daily job and I am still creating and getting to know the area that will soon be my permanent home but the blog had been sorely neglected. Life happens, it gets in the way and we can’t always dedicate the time to this that we would like to but I am hoping to try to keep it more up to date. I decided over the weekend to focus more on creating a lifestyle blog, particularly showcasing life where we are and may be in the long run. For now, that means showcasing Bridport in summer and early autumn until I must return home once again to wait out the necessary time before I can apply for my spouse visa to come here permanently to join my husband. It is a topic for later posts but as needs must, right?

Anyway, today I really wanted to talk to you, my lovely followers and readers, about meal planning. A little while back Alan and I decided to implement planning out our weekly main meals to facilitate a better budgeting system when it comes to how much we spend on food. We realised that we kept just buying things anytime we needed this or that and it was getting costly. There are four main supermarkets in the area, two of which we use quite frequently plus a few smaller convenience shops which one might pop into when needed. We decided to set a weekly budget of within £30-35 for ourselves and take stock of what we already had in the kitchen to base our shopping around. We also decided to do a monthly or bi-monthly meat shopping trip and get enough of those things to freeze so that we don’t have to buy too much each week. It has worked out fairly well for us and we are doing great at this.

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So, above is my little notebook where I list all the meals we plan for each week. It’s just a plain and simple notebook, nothing really fancy. I sometimes jot down recipes in it as well. It does the job and I can look back and see what meals we liked most to repeat them which is nice. It is always handy, in my opinion, to have a notebook and a pen of sorts in the kitchen for things of this nature or to jot down recipes one creates as one is making them. Today, for instance, we are having grilled venison steaks with grilled courgette slices and a nice garden salad tossed with salt, pepper, malt vinegar and olive oil.

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The lovely courgettes (zucchini for my American readers and friends) above were a gift from Alan’s Uncle Keith’s garden bounty. We are quite fortunate in that many of his family are close by and enjoying sharing the good things around with everyone.

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Above is my lovely salad all ready to be eaten! I enjoy having salads in summer. It is really the most refreshing thing when you’ve been roasting all day. Not today was anywhere near as warm as it was all the days last week!

To conclude I’d like to say that living within a certain budget doesn’t mean foregoing little pleasures. I picked up a nice free cocktail leaflet from our local Waitrose and I always am on the lookout for free magazines and things around town which are more local and have interesting stories about the area as well as recipes and such.

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And lastly, foraging when you can is always a pleasure! We got the blackberries below walking back from Alan’s workplace and there were still loads more in the area waiting to ripen and be picked! So, until tomorrow! Enjoy the summer sun and bon apetit!

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Nadia Marie

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