#Feature #Friday: Bearded Lady Designs


I am very pleased and excited today to FINALLY start our new blog series where we showcase local small business owners and artisans in the Dorset area and am very happy to introduce to you one such individual making his mark in Bridport, Mr. Ryan Farnham.

Ryan is the gent behind Bearded Lady Designs and the hip new book club in town, The Venner Book Club, which meets in the famed Venner Bar in The Bull Hotel. I came across Ryan on Instagram, brought together by our mutual love of hashtagging nearly every pic we post with #Bridport and knew I’d come across a fellow creative mind in the area. It takes a lot of guts to start something new and this fella definitely has guts! I asked Ryan to give me a little bit of background into his latest endeavours and he did not disappoint. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that when you follow your heart and follow your dreams life seems to glow just that much brighter and Ryan is experiencing just this. His posts on Instagram make you want to go out and take the world by storm!

Setting out to study English Literature at university, Ryan soon realised that it was not his passion and decided to change his course and embark on a journey in Advertising. Unforseen circumstances led him to have to leave university sooner than he’d planned but this did not deter him from making his dream come true. Having never dabbled much in design prior to his change in studies, he was able to learn in a short amount of time much of what he would later come to employ after having had to leave university for health reasons. Fast forward a couple of years and we find Ryan sitting in Venner Bar dreaming up a concoction to serve there with the bar tender. They called it the Bearded Lady and this cocktail, which can still be found on the bar menu, is the inspiration for the name he chose to give his design company.

I asked Ryan to share what he loved about Dorset and particularly being a small business owner in this county and here’s what he had to say:

I love being in Dorset as it’s a beautiful part of the country with miles of untouched views and lots of upcoming towns. Bridport is one of those and it is an amazing place to grow up in and also to see grow as a town. There are so many events and festivals that happen in this small town that you forget you’re in a town in Dorset and think you’re in a suburb of London. It’s perfect for any small business as all small businesses around here want to help each other!


And isn’t that what it is all about? Helping each other out, spreading the word about what each one of us has to offer? It’s why this blog aims to bring you face to face with the people and businesses of Dorset. Ryan’s love of the area is not unfounded! Check out these spectacular views he’s posted on his Instagram:


Bearded Lady Designs specialises in minimalist logos for your small business. Based in Bridport, Ryan is more than happy to discuss your business logo needs at your convenience. Helping you grow also helps him grow so if you’re looking for a fab logo don’t hesitate to contact him. Want to meet Ryan in person? Check out the Venner Book Club which he leads and created the advertising for. Go to their Facebook page for more info on dates, times of meetings as well as the list of books being read (next discussion is for Lexicon by Max Barry).

Lastly, to check out what else is going on with Bearded Lady Designs, follow the list of links below.


Follow Bearded Lady Designs on:

Instagram: @beardedladydesigns
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/beardedladydesignsbridport
Twitter: @BeardedLadyDesign

Thank you to Ryan Farnham for the use of his Instagram photos in this feature and for his enthusiasm at being the first featured small business on our blog ever!

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