37 Days of Thankfulness Challenge, Days 4 &5: #Vintage and #Nature

days 4 and 5

I missed posting yesterday as I was quite busy with some pressing housekeeping matters as well as having to take a few things to the post office before meeting my hubby to look at a few household items we needed as we slowly go building our new home together. It is incredible how easy it is to really think of things to be thankful for and how difficult it seems to be to remind ourselves to constantly be thankful for every breath we take on a daily basis without being challenged to do so. Yesterday I was thinking of how thankful I am that I seem to have been placed in an area rich in history and vintage items. I love all things vintage and have had the pleasure of being able to find several purveyors of such sundries here in Bridport which is excellent for me so I am very grateful to have them so nearby.

Today I was marveling at the wonders of nature and how thankful I am to live near so much beautiful and wild nature. Hubby foraged the other day for wild garlic and brought quite a bit home. There are wild strawberry plants growing in our garden and lots of other beautiful plants to look at. I marvel at nature constantly and was really pleased when we went for a walk to Pymore and saw lots of interesting plant-life as well as horses and such. I am very thankful for my happily situated home.



Plant Photo in Collage by me, Nadia M. Perez Bugler.
Taken on the way to West Bay from Bridport, Dorset, UK.

Vintage Dancers sourced from The Graphics Fairy.


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