Thankfulness challenge & invite

I’ll be joining my friend Andrea in this challenge starting today at some point in the day! Please read her post and join if you feel so inclined! xx


So a new & dear friend, Darita Bonita, & I decided to do 37 Days of thankfulness (until the end of May; like in November).

Joy comes from contentment; peace from security. Contentment comes from thankfulness (active deliberate action turned into a lifestyle of focussing on what one has, not what one is unhappily longing for); security comes from knowing who you are, what you have overcome, and what (and Who) you believe in (and belong to), which brings thankfulness & hope & courage. One requires looking at what we are provided with, & have had & will have: external. The other is more introspective: what’s under the surface; what has happened & what we are told/know will happen; but to do healthily, should be done in truth, thankfulness, & forgiveness.

So, my new dlf and I are going to read our bibles more, journal more (at least I am)…

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