37 Days of Thankfulness, Day 1: #Bridport

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My dear friend Andrea invited several of her friends to partake in this Thankfulness challenge with her and I thought it might be a nice way to get me blogging regularly for the next 37 days. It’s a great idea and, as I have loads to be thankful for, I think I will be able to find lots to write about in the next month and a week as I go further into exploring my new home.

So, without further ado, Day 1: I am thankful for Bridport and the family and friends I already have here. Yes, it is my husband’s hometown and yes the family and friends I have here are his but they are mine too. When we said ‘I do’ we meant it and this included a ‘what’s yours is mine’ element and we have so far lived as such. The people we have here in Bridport have done so much for us already and even those surrounding us. If it had not been for our family and friends here we would not already have a home to call our own, a place to sleep and even furniture and such. My in-laws have helped us out so much and other family and friends have blessed us with gifts and well-wishes, near and far!

I am very thankful for all the little things and also for the town itself. I have met with friendly people in shops and have not had a cross word from anyone at all in the time I have been here. I’ve had fun exploring, eating out, meeting people, looking in shops and the like. I am very grateful indeed for having a good experience so far. It is such a beautiful place and I am just thankful for all the grace I have found and been given lately. So, thank you Bridport and your lovely people!


Photo Credits:

By: Nadia Marie Perez Bugler
Location: Houses on St. Andrews Road in Bridport
Date: 24th April, 2014
Camera: iPhone 4s, VSCO camera app


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