In my mouth, on my mind…


I do feel like a ‘cool kid’ right now. I’m the cool kid on the block. The co-editor of a magazine, a photographer with a small bit of street credit (locally, that is), the self-taught graphic designer/ illustrator/artist extraordinaire, the cook/baker who loves to add her own bit of flair to things. Yes…I AM a cool kid but, what fun is it being a cool kid without other cool kids to hang out with or get to know and share ideas with? My husband is a cool kid too. He’s a skilled and very talented artist (though he himself refuses to acknowledge this), he’s got skills in photography and he’s pretty darn good in the kitchen too!

We have big dreams, dreams of having our own small business (which we’ve taken some baby steps toward as I took the plunge and sold my first ever letter sets via our Facebook page and am creating more lovelies as the days progress). We dream of collaborating with others and sharing the love via social media. We dream of being able to make a home together even though right now we are separated by a big body of water otherwise known as the Atlantic Ocean (yes, he’s still there and I am still here) and we dream that this will come to pass sooner rather than later. Even so, big changes are coming to this blog. In the next few days I will be revamping our ‘About’ section (as I am no longer the only contributor to this blog, it only seems fair that it ought to reflect that), planning some more ‘regular’ feature posts, doing some more research and making it more about Dorset and less about ‘just’ us. Taking a look at which posts have ‘worked’ and which have just kind of fallen by the wayside I’ll be adding a few weekly features having to do with food (recipes & such), tutorials of some sort, and local events/locals and more.

A huge thank you to all of our faithful readers, you’re the best and the reason we do this. Looking forward to continuing this journey with you!

Much love,

Nadia M. Perez Bugler
a.k.a ‘The Cool Kid’



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