Ch-ch-ch-changes…coming soon!

new beginnings

It was a good end to the old year and a bit of a rough and interesting start to the new one in January; filled with mixed emotions but ushering in a brand new state of affairs in our lives. Alan and I tied the knot here in Florida just a week ago and will now be taking on the challenge of getting me to move to where he resides and works permanently which requires a lot of planning and legal advice seeking. Neither of us had been posting on the blog much lately which was very sad for me and I want to remedy that with some changes to the way the blog is set up and what it is all about.

I started this blog in order to express myself, my vision of what I thought I might become but now that I am really not alone in this life I find that the blog needs to be revamped and refocused. Alan and I have expressed our desire to focus this blog mainly on anything and everything that goes on in Dorset–whether that is events, food, scenery or Dorset based small businesses, we want to give a voice to those who may not always otherwise be seen or heard. So, in the coming weeks I’ll be working hard to bring that to fruition from where I am at, as best I can, and hope that you will be patient and expectantly waiting as we embark on this new journey.

Happy blogging and reading, dear friends!


Nadia xx


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