To Conclude…


So, rather later than ever intended, here is perhaps the best shot of mine from the Gaga-esque portion of the photo-shoot I did with my other half Nadia, and colleague Maartje,….it’s the most surprising result from the pictures that were taken because of it’s spontaneous nature!

The afternoon was a warm one, in Simon Nash’s Slogical Photography Studio, in the Pen Mill trading estate area of Yeovil, and we’d had the electric fans going to keep ourselves, and our model cool – and it was merely one of those ‘what happens if?’  moments where I suggested to Maartje to deliberately turn and face the fan blowing at her, having noticed the movement it was giving her hair…and she adopted this rather striking pose, just at the right moment?! I hadn’t really taken much notice how much of the studio background was entering the shot, since I knew I had to capture this particular instant. And yet,  feel it kind of suits the direction I was going with in the set-up anyhow, thankfully!!

(Outfit model’s own, apart from lace gloves, coloured tights and wrap-around shades)


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