A long time coming: Brewhouse Review

Brewhouse Blog Header

On March 15th, just a few short days before Jo and I made it over to Wales, a new venue opened it’s doors in Cardiff and a swankier and cooler place you have not seen. Brewhouse, housed in the remains of an old brewery, is exceptional. Multiple bars, a fantastic stage for showcasing local and emerging artists, and genuine staff are all part of what makes an evening out to the venue a fantastic option for anyone staying in the Welsh capital.

I encountered the Brewhouse purely by accident. Walking around Cardiff while snapping some photos of the city I was approached by John who was trying to get people into the new venue. Camera in hand he gave me a pamphlet and led me inside, telling me all about the immense and fantastically decorated space and of course encouraging me to take photos and what photographer wouldn’t want to? The front of the house is a cafe by day (I did not get to see it as it was not yet finished but this writer is bound to be back in Cardiff to visit again before long) and just beyond the doors is the main hall—an immaculate space with a bar and tables in front, a long table lined corridor leading up to the stage where a massive print on driftwood homage to Welsh celebrity Sir Tom Jones presides over every act featured as the lights change color making him even more awesome than he already is.

Along the walls are more amazing driftwood art prints of other famous bands, including one really eclectic one of Dame Shirley Bassey. Stand in the middle of the main hall, look up and you will see the most creative light fixtures ever—hanging instruments, mostly drums, make for a truly musical atmosphere. Walk upstairs for yet another bar with bigger tables, pink cushioned seating and turn left for another set of stairs to yet another bar, cozier and more intimate than the others.

Josh, the mixologist in the house, makes a mean cocktail. The Honeybee cocktail he made for me was luxuriously sweet and refreshing. It is one to write home about and the artistry he uses to mix the drinks is worth watching. The food is extremely flavorful, beautifully presented and quite filling. Jo and I had a sampling of five different starters and it was to die for! Chef Lee really rocks it in the kitchen and his friendly disposition really translates into the dishes he prepares! There is a passion for fun and quality in this place!

Live music is what tops the cake at Brewhouse. Sultry singer Rob Cross can sing you into a crush and regular appearances by the Smokin Aces Band is set to rock your socks off. Clare Cunningham’s vocals are like a velvety swig of Southern Comfort, everything you want in rock and roll and folk rock too!

Whether you live in Cardiff, are visiting or just passing through please do not pass up the opportunity to pop into Brewhouse and have a cocktail and some good eatin’! You won’t be sorry, I can promise you that! And to whet your appetites even more…photos!



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