Redecorating an old journal and…



I took an old notebook I had lying around which looked like this:


Replaced the flowers in the window with this:


Which I felt was more suited to a dream journal and the end result of my work was this:


It’s amazing what a few scraps of paper, an old card, a glue stick, and a strip of washi tape can do, right? How would you have re-decorated this old journal? The idea of starting to keep a dream journal came from my dear friend Nigel Wolf, kundalini yoga instructor extraordinaire with the kindest heart I know. His joy of life and vivacity are contagious! He has an awesome Facebook page called Tantrajam (his music is beautiful, I’ve heard it on Myspace) which is very inspiring and he also holds various yoga retreats throughout the year in Canada. Thank you, Nigel! WAHE GURU!




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