Creatively blissful…


The past few days have been nothing but creative bliss for me. I’ve acquired new crafting supplies, written letters on beautifully decorated stationery and have even begun designing and making some patterned paper prints to use in scrapbooking/card-making. The patterned paper I’ve made on a website called COLOURLovers! It’s so much fun!!! Most of the patterns have been ones I colored in and I owe it all to browsing online and having first found the blog Ruffled Sunshine. What a great tool this is for creating papers to use in one’s everyday crafting. I am going to start looking to use my own designs soon too.

Here’s just a sample of what I created myself (it’s simple but lovely):

Color Me Tranquil Design

Color Me Tranquil Design

I hope to play around with it some more and get more familiarized with the program as I progress. Good thing I am a fast learner! I was able to “discover” and name several new colors. 13 colors to be exact. Well, I’m off to create some more beautiful things which I shall post on here soon!


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